Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wastebasket updo!

O.K. I know this is a silly little post, but I wanted to share. I know I've extolled the virtues of spray paint before, but I think I'm always mystified by the instant gratification it brings me.  I like to have some character when it comes to the items in my home, so when I found this wastebasket at an estate sale for $2.00 I grabbed it. Of course it had seen it's fair share of use (the interior bottom was pretty rusty). I washed it up and set to work giving it a fresh look.

In this case I used a bright shiny orange Rust-oleum ultra cover spray paint. I'd used it on the bird wall hangings already in my bathroom and it covered well. The results are below, what do you think? Aside from the tiny ding in the top, I think it has a nice long life ahead, and it fit perfect in my tiny, tiny box of a bathroom...Ah! Apartment living!

The orange and yellow vintage vibe is coming along just nicely! I hope to cover up the front of those brown cabinet doors soon too! Stay tuned. 

1 comment:

  1. you have a really pretty bathroom and no doubt your wastebasket will fit perfectly now xD