Tuesday, June 11, 2013

This is the dress that I made!


Some time ago, I got inspired to start using up the vintage fabric I've been hoarding (yes, I said it, hoarding) and so I whipped up this little shirt dress out of one of my favorite vintage sheets. I finished it up and put it on my store, but then I thought, I really should make some more of these, and proceeded to cut out three more. What I really wanted however, was to have pictures of it actually being worn, so I made a deal with my student workers (who are studying photography) that I would give it to one of them (whoever it fit) in exchange for "action shots" of them in the dress. And so they did. Em' absolutely loves vintage and it fits her perfectly, so she kindly took some pictures which I will now have when listing the other dresses I've made. I have another one made up for her (well almost) as a thank you present, and if my store, blog and FB page continue to gain momentum, which I'm hoping they will, I plan to list the next few for sale as soon as I get them all done up. 
Thank you Emily! I appreciate your help!

Dress before hemming and sleeve elastic


  1. Very fine use of vintage sheets. Just love it.

  2. I love this dress! I adore minis :)

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