Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's ALWAYS Thrifty Time!!

Wow! I've gotten so behind in my blogging, but I haven't gotten behind in thrift adventures that's for sure. I wanted to share some of the fun things I've found recently. Most have been for use in my apartment, but a few will be heading to my Etsy store. I've spent some time recently reigning that all in, to see what available inventory I have yet to list.

This amazing clock is for me. I think I may actually spray paint it this spring into a nice solid yellow, but the detail is amazing. Flowers and butterflies. The clockworks and face itself have seen better days, so I've taken that out, and will be inserting a mirror. I plan to put it on the wall over my TV.

The Libby daisy drinking glasses are a new addition to my kitchen cupboard. There were only three yellow, and one orange/red, but I don't care. They are awesome!

Um...well I didn't really stick to my "don't buy anymore fabric" goal for the New Year (notice I didn't call it a resolution), but when I see this yellow sheet while I'm out, I have to grab it. It sells well, and I have plans to make a summer quilt out of it. The napkins I hope to incorporate into some up cycled place mats, and the suiting I will be incorporating into some scrappy scarves.

VERA, VERA, VERA. Never leave a Vera Neumann behind, no matter what! This one is pristine and might I add beautiful! It's destined for the store.

Last but not least, a white, crochet, Christopher Banks sweater, in my size, and pristine.

The necklace is on it's way to my friend Karla of PinkDotties fame. I'm sure she'll like it.

So what have you found thrifting lately? I can't wait to get full on into listing again. There isn't much room left on the shelf to show much more off. LOL! Happy Thrift Adventures everyone!

Just a little bit of store fodder for your viewing pleasure.


  1. A-GREED... Never leave a Vera behind, even if it's a bit worn! I would have grabbed all of these things, too. The glasses are awesome!

  2. Those drinking glasses are amazing. I have issues with leaving pretty glasses behind too. I have numerous singles that have found their way home with me. :) Just because I love the look of them.