Friday, October 12, 2012

"Chalk" Thrifty to Me!

I'm a notoriously thrifty. I'm someone who could easily boarder on the edge of hoarding if I'm not careful to keep it in check. The projects I take on can sometimes be grandiose or super simple, and yet once I start they somehow all always get finished.

This is my recently finished projects. An upcycled chalkboard. I don't know why I didn't think to take a picture of it the way I found it, but I've noticed I seem to forget to do that. I just get something, make it something new, and then voila it's done. My bad! 

Lately I've had a string of "found objects" coming to me in the form of trash at work. Many of our labs and classrooms have been under construction, and almost daily there's been awesomeness to be reclaimed. I'd been thinking about doing a piece of collage art for a few weeks, and was going to buy a canvas. This frame with masonite inside, was on the floor and already primed. I'd walked by it three times before picking it up, and then finally did.

Of course by doing so I had to endure a number of comments like "Now what are you going to do with that?" I tend to get a lot of eye rolling, which I never mind. The comments of amazement make up for it afterwards. LOL! Come on, can't they see the potential??

Needless to say from the picturs that it did not become collage art as first intended. It really needed to be a chalkboard message center instead, for my very tiny apartment. We were in need of something behind the entrance door.

I got it home, took it apart, and applied a few coats of spray paint left over from my table and chairs, to the frame, and chalkboard paint to the masonite. When it was all back together I decorated the frame with inspirational rub on transfers. Super easy! From there is just needed some twill tape to hang and there you have it, an awesome new chalkboard. I even managed to find some chalk and an eraser while cleaning out retired faculty members office. We don't have chalkboards in our classrooms any more, so I saved that from the garbage too.

Isn't it amazing when a project just comes together? What kind of thriftiness did you get up to lately?

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  1. This has been the best upcycled project ever. We love it.