Monday, July 30, 2012

A Thrifted Home

Vintage Salem Biscayne Teapot
Japanese Blue Bird Figurine 

About a year ago now, I moved into an apartment in a row of townhouses. The amazing thing about this town house was the fact that it was an east facing apartment with a big empty lawn behind it, and there were no stairs to climb to enter into it. It was just one step off the sidewalk level with the parking lot. Nice! The price was reasonable too. The only major issue it had, was that it was WHITE. Everything is white, and that flat white paint to boot. I've had apartment's like this before, where you can paint but have to put it back before you move out, but I'm just not into that this time. The challenge has been, how to decorate around all the white.

We could put all the shelves up we wanted. That was a BIG Help. I wanted to share some of my thrifted items today, that are helping to add color and character to the big box of white.

 Garage Sale Gardening books 
Italian Thrifted Ceramic Treasure Box

 Absinthe Art Print in Thrifted Frame,
Ben Sibel Thrifted Blue Rose Plate
a Spray Painted Thrift Store Owl Trivet

 Flea Market Ceramic Owl
Thrift Store Glass Vases

Discounted Damage Mike Ming Art work purchased from the 1975 Gallery in thrift store poster frame, Vintage VW Bus Emblem (spray painted teal), thrifted kissing angels, planter, and vintage red glass vase. The black aluminum horse was something my grandfather made.  

Vintage floral shower curtain, thrifted art in thrifted frame 
& spray painted thrifted birds.

I will state here that I know it's not normal to blog about ones restroom, but this room needed a lot of help when it came to color, so I tried to be tasteful about the image. The comment most have had upon entering this room is "wow, there's a lot of orange!" Well yes, there is. It all started with the shower curtain that we were going to reclaim. It just seemed to work. I've tried to incorporate as much of what we already had as possible. The artwork I
re-framed, and the birds, which there are now seven of hanging in the room I spray painted. They certainly do pop. Add some yellow and orange hand towels and the room just comes together.  

Vintage McCoy cookie jar & new coffee cup (which now has a plant in it)

HAVE A HAPPY DAY! Hope it involves some thrifting adventures! How have you used thifted treasures to make your home cozy?


  1. I like the way you've added some color. Orange is my favorite color, so I love your bathroom. I also like all of your green accents.

  2. So many cute things! I just love those vintage garden books...I've been keeping my eyes open for that particular book for a long time, but I've yet to find it. Someday! :)