Monday, June 18, 2012

WHOO Wants to See Some Amazing Owl stuff??

I've had good luck lately finding some really fun, thrifty owl items while out perusing the thrift stores and I've just had a chance to take the pictures so I can get them on the store. Slowly but surely they will all make it there.
These little owls are salt and pepper shakers. Aren't they sweet? I just love how coy she's playing with her little beau.

Even with their heads off they are still adorable!

This one is super fun! I have been fighting with myself about keeping it, as I have a personal collection of paste paper banks, but if I kept everything I bought for the store I'd be out of living space. These two retro owls are settled comfortably on a log and are just banking on you filling it up with your spare coins.  

I love how the log is even prounounced on the back of the bank too! It's really well made.

I remember these from when I was a kid. These stands were made to hold earrings, hence all the little holes all over it. I don't remember seeing an owl one when I was young, but this was too sweet to leave in the store. These two little guys are happily perched on a tree just waiting to keep your earrings neatly displayed for you, or maybe just be a decoration on a bookshelf. 


Oh how much I adore these little guys! How wise they would look holding up books on a bookshelf. They are made in Japan, and are in incredible shape. One little guy has a nick out of his ear, but somehow it really doesn't take away from how precious they are. Who wouldn't feel smarter having these precious little guys guarding their books?

What have you found fun at the thrift stores lately?


  1. The owl salt and pepper shakers are just too cute. Great finds.

  2. what a great little owl collection you got going on here! i think the bank is great. Thanks for sharing at cap creations.